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A day in Provence
in a 2 cv car

Discover the charms of the Haut Var during a day in Provence in a 2 Horse Car with Secretrip Agency! Join us for a unique experience as you explore the region's picturesque landscapes in an iconic carriage. Our tour begins with a drive through the green hills, vineyards and lavender fields that characterise the Provençal countryside. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the charms of the Haut Var in an authentic and memorable way.


Dare to be original
in a 2CV

Welcome aboard a 2 horse-drawn carriage for a day of adventure through the wonders of the Haut Var with Secretrip Agency. Let yourself be enchanted by the picturesque landscapes, authentic villages and hidden treasures of this unspoilt region.


Departure for a morning
out of time

Your day begins with a picturesque departure from your meeting point in the Haut Var. Drive through winding roads lined with green hills, lavender fields and vineyards, admiring the spectacular scenery before you. Enjoy the fresh air and the intoxicating scent of Provence all around you.

villages with character

Make your first stop in one of the characterful villages dotted around the Haut Var region. Stroll through the narrow streets, admire the colourful facades of the stone houses and soak up the authentic atmosphere of places such as Bargème, Tourtour or Trigance. Explore the small local craft shops and discover the region's age-old traditions.

Gourmet lunch
in the open air

For lunch, stop off at a country inn or shady terrace to enjoy a gourmet meal in the open air. Taste typical regional dishes, prepared with fresh seasonal produce and accompanied by a carefully selected glass of local wine to complement every mouthful.

nature and relaxation

In the afternoon, continue your exploration of the Haut Var by discovering its natural treasures. Take a stroll along forest paths, past crystal-clear rivers and refreshing waterfalls, for a total immersion in the wild and unspoilt nature of the region. Take the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries in the heart of unspoilt, soothing countryside.

Gourmet break
and back

Before ending your day, treat yourself to a final gourmet break to sample a local delicacy, such as a seasonal fruit tart or a delicious artisanal goat's cheese. Then set off on your return journey, taking with you unforgettable memories of this magical day in the Haut Var aboard a 2 horse-drawn carriage.

Visit to a vineyard
and wine tasting

This seminar day offers total immersion in the culture and heritage of the Haut Var, allowing participants to disconnect from everyday life and recharge their batteries in the heart of nature.
At aperitif time, we'll take you to a famous vineyard in the region for a wine tasting. You won't be disappointed!

  • Day trip
  • Departure around 9 a.m.
  • Return around 5pm
  • Sunset option on request
  • Tour of the Haut Var in a 2 horse-drawn carriage
  • Discover the region's iconic sites
  • Culture and tasting of local products
  • Lunch in a typical Provencal restaurant
  • Visit to a vineyard and wine tasting
  • Crossing lavender fields
  • Sunset option on request
  • Rally/treasure hunt option on request
  • From €300 excl. tax / person
  • From 16 people

villages with character

Exploring this magnificent region in a vintage car, participants will have the opportunity to discover breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages and historic sites, offering a refreshing break from the usual work environment. This seminar day offers total immersion in the culture and heritage of the Haut Var, allowing participants to disconnect from everyday life and recharge their batteries in the heart of nature.

Gourmet lunch
in Provence

Fancy a gourmet break? We'll take you on a gourmet open-air meal of typical regional dishes prepared with fresh local produce, offering an authentic and tasty culinary experience. We've got some surprises in store that you won't soon forget, believe us!

Team Building

This team-building day in a 2CV in the Haut Var promises to be a unique experience, combining discovery, conviviality and adventure in the heart of Provence. Thank you for choosing Secretrip for this exceptional getaway, and we hope to see you again soon for new adventures!

Authenticity and originality

Unlike traditional seminars, this experience offers an authentic and original approach to strengthening team bonds. Driving a 2CV along the picturesque roads of the Haut Var creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that encourages creativity and collaboration. This experience offers a flexible and personalised programme, allowing participants to enjoy the day at their own pace.

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