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Maxi catamaran
in Porquerolles - Port-Cros

Take off with your whole team to discover Porquerolles, Brégançon and the Giens peninsula on a Maxi Catamaran - what an opportunity! Embark in complete safety on a magnificent, comfortable catamaran for a day in paradise.


A luxury maritime adventure

You'll enjoy sailing on the upper deck or relaxing on the shaded sofas, as well as taking part in the activities organised by the Secretrip team. When you return to port, your eyes will be filled with memories you'll never want to leave.

With up to 90 passengers aboard our 27-metre-long, 16-metre-wide vessel, you'll find yourself in a floating paradise. With friends or colleagues, you can enjoy the upper deck, the shaded sofas or the bar to admire the idyllic landscapes of our islands.


Dare to be different

Meet at 9am in the port of Hyères for departure to the crystal-clear waters of Brégançon, where breakfast will be served on board (tea, coffee, juice and pastries) as you glide through the waters of the national park. Arrive in a turquoise bay and take your first dip in the lagoon, where you can enjoy the paddle boats, kayaks and other games we have on offer. Whether you're jumping off the boat deck, lounging, sunbathing or racing your paddleboard, there's something for everyone!

Aperitif and meal
we'll take care of everything! 

Return on board for a delicious lunch prepared by the crew. Enjoy a fresh and tasty meal of local seafood, fresh salads and island specialities. To accompany this feast, the crew will offer you a selection of refreshing drinks, such as fresh fruit juices, soft drinks, flavoured waters, and perhaps even exotic cocktails prepared on board by an experienced barman.

All in all, lunch on board the maxi catamaran with Secretrip agency is much more than just a meal at sea. It's a gastronomic experience that awakens your senses and allows you to fully savour every moment of your day as you sail through the crystal clear waters.

Adapted activities

We'll head back to Porquerolles and the Presqu'île de Giens for new adventures: snorkelling, team games, diving competitions... all activities can be either free or supervised by Secretrip Agency staff.

When the catamaran drops anchor, you can dive straight into the warm, clear water for an invigorating swim. The gentle lapping of the waves greets you as you immerse yourself in this oasis of freshness. Whether you prefer to take a leisurely swim along the coast or dive headfirst into the depths of the sea, this cove offers the ideal setting to enjoy the benefits of the sea to the full.

Navigation and exploration

Sailing aboard a maxi catamaran is an experience in itself. You'll enjoy the sensation of gliding smoothly over the blue waters, carried by the sea breeze and the strength of the sails. The experienced crew manoeuvre the catamaran with skill, giving you a comfortable and safe cruise.

Exploration is another exciting aspect of your day at sea. Whether it's during planned stops in secluded coves or during the sailing itself, you'll have the opportunity to discover new horizons and explore places inaccessible by land.

  • Day trip
  • Departure scheduled for 9 a.m.
  • Return scheduled for 5 p.m.
  • Sunset option on request
  • Sailing and heavenly ports of call
  • Aperitif and lunch included
  • Farniente and coastal sailing along the coast
  • Paddle excursion
  • Underwater scooter
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming...
  • From €150 (excl. VAT) per person
  • From 10 people

Exceptional moments

You'll be blown away by the seascapes and the turquoise waters, and surprised by the diversity and quality of the activities put on by our team. You'll also be made aware of this well-preserved environment, which we'll help you discover through the Underwater fauna and flora. In short, a perfect day combining fun, relaxation, challenge and discovery!

Unusual meal

A homemade aperitif made with fresh local produce and accompanied by the finest Porquerolles or La Londe wines. You can have lunch on board or enjoy grilled fish in a fabulous timeless restaurant at the end of the bay of Port Cros.

Nautical activities

Snorkelling: Explore the wonders of the seabed by snorkelling. Secretrip agency will provide you with all the equipment you need, including masks, snorkels and fins, so you can discover the colourful and diverse marine life that lurks beneath the water's surface.

Keep a keen eye on the sea for dolphins, sea turtles and other marine creatures. The crew will be happy to share their knowledge of the local wildlife and help you spot these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

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Ingitech has placed its trust in us


Denis Bianchi


A day perfectly organised by the SECRETRIP team, which more than achieved its objective: to thank my teams and offer them a moment of sharing and relaxation. Thanks guys!


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