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Kite & Work
in Morocco at Dahkla

Dreaming of a change of scenery and adventure? Secretrip Agency has a unique experience in store for you. This clever blend of professionalism and leisure encourages team-building, personal development and creativity, while offering an invigorating break.


Setting off on an adventure
in the Moroccan desert

The "kite & work" seminar in Dakhla with Secretrip Agency offers a unique and holistic experience, combining work and relaxation in harmony. Participants will benefit from an inspiring setting with coworking spaces conducive to productivity, while having the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating world of kitesurfing in the exceptional environment of Dakhla. The benefits include informal networking, better stress management thanks to nature and an unforgettable experience that will stimulate both the professional and personal lives of participants. With Secretrip Agency at the helm, this seminar promises a complete, tailor-made adventure that will be remembered for years to come.


Day 1
Arrival in Dakhla

  • Arrival at Dakhla airport.
  • Transfer to accommodation.
  • Presentation of the week's itinerary and work facilities.
  • Welcome dinner.

Days 2 to 5
Kitesurf & Work

  • Morning: Work session (coworking spaces provided).
  • Afternoon: Kitesurfing lessons for beginners / free sessions for the initiated.
  • Evening: Free time or organised social activities (e.g. dinners, local events).

Day 6
Exploration and Relaxation

  • Local excursion or cultural activity in the morning.
  • Afternoon free for relaxation or optional activities.
  • Closing evening with a special dinner.

Day 7
Back to

  • Morning free for final preparations or optional activities.
  • Check-out of accommodation.
  • Transfer to the airport for departure.

Additional comments

  • Work sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of the group, with regular breaks for kitesurfing activities.
  • Kitesurfing courses can be scheduled according to the skill level of participants.
  • Coworking spaces with reliable Internet connections will be available for work sessions.
  • A variety of catering options will be available to suit everyone's dietary preferences.
  • Leisure and exploration time can be adjusted to suit the interests of the group.
  • 7 days minimum
  • Nautical activities
  • Relaxation and well-being
  • Discovering Moroccan culture
  • Working hours
  • Introduction to kitesurfing
  • Price to be defined
  • From 8 people

A complete change of scenery

Take advantage of this time to soak up the enchanting atmosphere of Dakhla. In the middle of the desert, recharge your batteries and enjoy the local atmosphere. Immerse yourself in Saharan culture by visiting traditional villages and meeting local people. Discover their customs, crafts and legendary hospitality, and exchange smiles and greetings with the locals.

A stronger team spirit

The days will be devoted to a perfect balance between work and leisure. You can enjoy local activities with your team. Productive work sessions in coworking spaces are also possible: they are equipped with everything you need to encourage concentration and creativity.

Cultural visits

Meet the Saharan nomads who roam the desert expanses around Dakhla with their herds of camels and goats. Talk to them about their nomadic way of life, their ancestral traditions and their deep connection with the desert.

Surpassing yourself

Once you've achieved your professional goals, the afternoon will be reserved for adventure with kitesurfing lessons given by qualified instructors. Take advantage of Dakhla's steady winds and calm waters to learn basic techniques or perfect your skills, all in a spectacular setting.

Sharing meals

Moroccan meals are known for their diversity of flavours and textures, resulting from the use of exotic spices and fresh, colourful ingredients. Each dish makes its own contribution to the culinary experience, allowing diners to discover new tastes and share their culinary preferences and memories.


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Be sure to work closely with Secretrip Agency to tailor the programme to your group's preferences and ensure a smooth and memorable experience in Dakhla.

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