Seminar at
Hyères les palmiers




3 days

  • Accommodation and catering in exceptional locations
  • Private boat excursion
  • Team evening
  • Team building and aquatic activities

Nicolas Machard and Cyril Schartz, the co-founders of Paris-based Pour De Bon, contacted us to organise their annual seminar. The aim was to thank their long-standing employees and integrate the new recruits to this fast-growing company.


A seminar
integration in Hyères

Over the course of the 3-day seminar, we set ourselves the challenge of creating strong team cohesion and offering this young team shared memories.

The challenge was to offer a unique sense of privilege within a controlled budget.


A meticulous programme
serving the team

If a seminar is to run smoothly, it's the combination of meticulous organisation and creativity that will make it a memorable experience.

Day 1: Welcome, ice breaker
and dinner under the stars

After welcoming all the staff at different times and at different stations, they were all installed in the 5 villas located just a stone's throw from one of the most famous beaches in Hyères.

Ice Breaker on the beach...
As with all our events, we're keen to create a surprise. So on Friday evening, we invited all the participants to a 'welcome drink' on the beach. The bar was simply brought in... by the sea!

This first meeting was an ice-breaker that set the tone for the days ahead.

Our team took advantage of this moment on the beach to prepare a banquet worthy of a 5-star hotel, in the gardens of the villas, for a complete change of scenery from their everyday Parisian life!

Day 2: A day on the boat
between team-bulding and discovery

The appointment was made for 10.30 the next morning in front of the beach, where our boats were waiting for the team.
The first stop on this emotionally-charged day was a heavenly beach on the coast, with translucent waters for the first team games. Save your water, Balloon and Goggles Relay, The quiz and bonus... What better way to strengthen the spirit of camaraderie than to share these moments of 'letting go' together.

While the aim of the day was to forge links between Pour de Bon employees, it was also an opportunity to spend some quality time together in a relaxed atmosphere, taking the time to exchange ideas and share experiences. After the meal served on the boats, everyone was free to go about their business: relaxing on the large beaches in front of the boats, snorkelling and visiting the village of Port-cros.

An evening in Porquerolles
How could we not feel privileged to end this wonderful day with a
evening on an island?
After criss-crossing the globe, exploring and diving, it was time to put our feet down for the last leg of our journey.
challenge: an apéro-pétanque on the Place d'Armes in Porquerolles. While the crowd of
tourists have deserted the island, leaving only the locals and a privileged few to enjoy this
a timeless place. A delicious restaurant and a return journey under the stars will have finished off this unforgettable experience.
an exceptional day.

Day 3: One day

Sunday was devoted to discovering water sports (paddle boarding),
wakeboarding, snorkelling...) with the aim of reaching a cove with crystal-clear waters where
a delicious picnic awaited participants. Once again, there was plenty of sharing and
The day was a salty one!


Ice Breaker on the beach

On the first evening of the seminar, participants were invited to a welcome drink on the beach. This moment was marked by the arrival of the bar from the sea, creating a surprise and a memorable atmosphere. This helped to break the ice between the participants, setting a friendly tone for the rest of the seminar.

Evening in Porquerolles

Another memorable experience took place in the evening on the island of Porquerolles. Participants had the chance to enjoy an aperitif-pétanque on the island's Place d'Armes, a timeless spot less frequented by tourists. The evening ended with a delicious meal and a return trip under the stars, leaving unforgettable memories of this exceptional day.

Photo Nicolas Machard

Nicolas Machard


We had an absolutely brilliant seminar weekend with all my team (20 people) - Boat trip around the islands of Port Cros/Porquerolles, rock jumping, snorkelling, paddle.... What a pleasure, and thanks again to Seb and Axel for this superb organisation!


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